donderdag 26 juni 2014

the last assessment

The photos are made at the art academy on the evening of the assessment. It was already dark, so the lighting isn't that great.

My projects were very diverse. I wanted to work with different materials and had some inspirational sentences and a photo to work with.
The jury gave me a 7+ (out of 10). They kind of liked it, but they missed the experiment, I think. (I don't know if it matters that they were painters.)

I call this 'the monks' because they are inspired by a photo of Tibetan monks sitting in semi circles. They have burgundy coloured cloaks and mustard yellow hats on. For the base I dyed flannel and made bags out of it, filled with grit. In the background you see an enlarged photo of leftover dye.

For this one I felted around sticks.

This is more collage work. It is called: (translated) Therefore I'm telling it to you now. A sentence I once overheard somebody saying while passing.

This is called: A crazy collection of my thoughts. It's a sentence from a song that stuck to me. I made the three frames and filled them with different things, representing the crazy, the light and the dark things that go around in my mind.

 This is a mobile, made of polystyrene circles and wooden (satay and tapas) sticks, secured to a small plank. It was inspired by the things I made for the first assessment in January. I wanted to do something with (semi)circles and overlapping.

 While I was painting hundreds of sticks I used magazine paper to protect my table. And guess what: the paper got stained so interestingly that I played some more with it and it resulted in these five small pieces.

dinsdag 24 juni 2014

lady in the garden

Here she is. Started out in clay, after a life model, now in aluminium-cement.

The clay was covered in silicone sealant. It was the cheapest sealant I could find and it smelled very toxic.

The dried sealant was covered in plaster, to give strength to the silicone mould.
Here you see the bottom of it all, when the plaster was dry.
Clay model and silicone sealant were 'shaken' out of the plaster mould together (like a cake). The sealant had to be removed after that. You can see that the sealant worked on the clay because it got these strange scales.

The empty sealant mould was now filled with the aluminium-cement. First a thin layer to cover the whole mould and when it dried a bit it had to be filled to the brim.
After the drying period the silicone sealant was peeled off carefully and there it was: my first (and last probably) garden figurine (with scales).