dinsdag 30 juni 2015

The last assessment of my second year at the Art Academy

Works I made for the last assessment. My theme was 'motherhood'. The things I made are very personal, but they were the only things I could do. Because for the last two years now at home we have to deal with a (now) seventeen-year old daughter who thinks her parents are a nuisance. So therefore one of the things I made was a coat with the 'hard' outside of a reptile, but at the same time it's very weak because of the easy ripping of the seams. And the left side, the heart, is in red, so vulnerable.

 An overall view of the exhibited works at the Art Academy

 A 'torso' with a heart of stone

 On the tea towel I pinned a collage: She had too many ideas for herself

 My apron and an apron I made from my daughters old jeans - tied together for ever. I also attached an old key with a label 'trust' I found somewhere in my stash

This is a happy collage. With red thread I traced my walk through Amsterdam - free to do whatever I wanted, no comments, no judgements

I'm curious to see if next year my feelings and theme will be the same. Actually, I'm hoping for more 'happy collages'.