vrijdag 18 december 2015

Theme book

This year's book theme was: found things. We made a round robin project of it. Every member of our bookbinding club did a page in the books of the others. Or, to be more precise: a page in the stack of loose pages. The binding was done afterwards.
I started mine with a found photograph of my dad as a young man and his twin sister. When I got the whole stack back all pages were filled with memories and photos of fathers and grandfathers. It had become a very personal book. I was very pleased with it.

For the pages I used some paper that was left over from an evening of paint spraying with friends. We used it under our work, so it had random splatters. That appealed to me very much. He presto, found paper.
For the cover I wanted to use some fake leather with a kind of fabric on the outside, because it was so supple and it had a weaving fault that was very charming.

I used a blanket stitch all around it. In the photo it's not very clear, but the back is half open. I hadn't done that before and wanted to try it out for one time.

First page with title and spraypainted

A kind of motto that I like. It's about that life is all about the finding, not the searching. The text is on a clear sheet.

The sign in page