dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Theme book 2016

This years theme book had to be inspired by a book you love.
My book (can you call it a book if the pages are not bound?) is inspired by the novel Kees de jongen by Theo Thijssen. It's my all time favourite about a boy, his real life at the end of the 19th century and his imagined life. It's heartwarming and sad at the same time.
I made my book out of fabric (only the covers have an inside of cardboard) and embroidered scenes that have to do with my own real life as a child and my fantasies. The feel of the 'pages' is soft and if I would sew them together it could be a small blanket. A warm blanket, that's home.

The cover was a piece I made for the textile course earlier and I adjusted it a bit so it could serve as a book cover.