dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

Exhibition Textileschool

The exhibition of the DIY Textileschool contained two of my works. Both made with cotton (ship)cleaning rag cloths.

First this was a book with loose leafs, now it's an accordion binding without covers.

Sadly this is the only photo of this work while we were still busy to set up the exhibition. All these forms represent the years of my life.

Collages to inspire

Fairly big collages of thin cardboard. I loosely cut and laid out the painted cardboard till the end result pleased my eye.

Last assessment Art Academy

These photos are poorly lit unfortunately. It's all cardboard work. Some forms are recycled, the leftovers also used. The work on the right is new. Kind of 'collage gone 3D'. I will show them in the next post.

vrijdag 27 januari 2017

Art Acadmy assessment

I had the room almost to myself which felt very luxurious. Luckily my cardboard works appealed to the critics.