maandag 14 april 2014

first evaluation

The photos above are details from the first three works I put in for evaluation in January. I wrestled enormously with the assignment for this first evaluation.The objective was perspective and 3D in 2D. It was a bit vague to me, I didn't know what to do for a long time and tried different things. In December at last  I came up with these works. I made several copies from my own photos from a felt scarf and copies from a 1960's book about Canada. I liked these photos because of the typical dated colours.
I also copied on clear sheets and placed them over each other in a pattern I thought interesting. Then I glued them on foam board.
One time I copied on the wrong kind of sheet and it came out the machine as if it was a watercolour. It took ages to dry but I liked the effect very much. You see a detail in the third photo.
My idea was that what you saw on first sight wasn't really what it was.

Here you see the works hanging on the wall in the building of the art academy.
The judges thought them interesting but had liked to see more works, a greater variety  and more of the road I had travelled to get to this end result.
They gave me a score of 6,5. OK, I could live with that judgement. I was happy that I had come up with works I myself liked, although it were only three.

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