zondag 10 januari 2016

Making a collage every day

That was an assignment of the DIY Textile School. And you had to make one of the collages in textile. Here you see a part of my collages. I had 28 in total. I used mostly scraps I had in a box that were leftovers from all my paper- and bookbinding projects. It's hard for me to throw out even the smallest of pieces.
Sometimes it was fun making a collage, sometimes it was annoying. I learned that I like circles (:-)) and not too many elements on a card. But I also tried to push myself to add more than I at first wanted to do. (Succes not guaranteed.)

Because I had to do also the 'end of term' assignment (the train blocks), my textile collage is pretty simple. I copied the Audrey Hepburn photo on paper backed fabric. I like her and now and then she appears in my work.

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