donderdag 7 januari 2016

Train and textile

Again, train photos (see below) were the inspiration for this textile work. I wanted to make soft blocks as an opposition to the steel of the train. At first I wanted to make a whole lot, so you could place them in different combinations for example. But due to lack of time it stopped at two.
At one side the elements are appliqued, the other side has embroidered lines from four different drawings on transparent paper placed on each other. That was found by luck, because when I cleared my table and stacked the drawings I saw an interesting image and I wanted to do something with it.

Because of me doing two kinds of classes, I want to combine assignments as much as possible. So this is also a decor for a play, hence the rails (made out of a leather strip), Waiting for Godot. You have to fantasize the small players in it. (Damn, I should have placed something in front of it, so it would give a kind of scale.)

It's hard to remember which photos I used because I oversimplified the drawings. But it were definitely these kind of details.

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